Rich Enterprises, Inc. Service Overview

Our telemarketing services will increase your revenues

Our services are vital to growing companies - just like yours. We focus on your lead generation and telemarketing, while you focus on educating prospects.

The foundation of a successful B2B inside sales campaign has 3 crucial elements.

1. The Message:


Rich Enterprises, Inc. has the experience needed to help you grow financially. We are diverse in the types of markets we work within. Also, we will provide a custom program for your unique offering, which gives you the best ROI and increases on your revenue. Our team is the best in relationship building and find it imperative to provide daily reporting and continual communication.


2. The Messenger:


Our marketer statistics and qualifications are far superior to any competition. They have an average age of 45 with 22 years of business experience and 6.5 years experience with cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting, telemarketing and other related skills. These marketers will help you increase sales and revenue by setting qualified appointments, resulting in strong leads.

The Methods and Means page will provide you with some specifics regarding our methods for creating customized telemarketing packages.


3. The Message Recipient:


This includes your prospect list, regarding niche marketing which has proven to be very successful. You’ve got to really ask yourself what your ideal prospect looks like. We want to narrow down your prospect list by targeting areas such as demographics and geographical regions. This will help you seek out the most likely suspects for success. We customize our marketing programs based upon your needs and requirements.

Contact us today to assess how our our services can increase your sales and revenues.